Kurginyan: Minsk agreements will re-format Ukraine, which Kiev doesn’t want

01.01.2021, Donetsk.

The Minsk agreements interfere with Kiev’s plans to expel the Donbass population and seize its territories; therefore, Ukraine’s reluctance to sign them reveals its actual intentions, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on December 27 on the air of the Weekly Panorama TV program on Donetsk’s TK Union channel.

According to Kurginyan, the Ukrainian authorities have two options to resolve the conflict in the southeast: to establish a different format of the state or to recognize the sovereignty of Donbass. However, Kiev accepts neither of them.

“Agree to sign off on Donbass’ secession ― this is one of the options to save your state. The other option is to establish a confederation, which the Hungarians and the residents of Odessa and Lvov will also, sooner or later, demand for themselves,” Kurginyan said.

Kurginyan referred to the example of the conflict between Moldova and Transdniestria. “Everyone in Transdniestria is watching with interest the process of the Romanization of Moldova. It is proceeding at full speed. Does Romania need Transdniestria in its current state? No. The Romanians all understand that they can suppress Moldova and make its population Moldavian slaves. But Transdniestria is something they do not need,” the political scientist noted.

As for the Ukrainian loyalist elite, it has only one thing in mind, Kurginyan believes: it wants to expel the population using repressive measures to seize Donbass’ territory.

“Then please put it straightforward that you want to establish a fascist feudalistic order under the guise of democracy, but this territory does not fit in, and this is why you are getting rid of it as a ballast,” Kurginyan urged the Kiev authorities.

“However, every time the Ukrainian authorities refuse to sign, they demonstrate their true intentions. Sometimes they let something slip out like ‘Promise everything to the bastards and then hang them’. However, the Minsk agreements are written in a way that prevents them from hanging anyone there after signing,” Kurginyan noted. He also stressed that Donbass will then have its own genuine authority in that case.

Also, fulfillment of the Minsk agreements will initiate the transformation of the state system of rest of Ukraine, which is something the Ukrainian elite does not want.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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