Expert: It is comfortable for the USA to wage war against Russia, so the war will be endless

23.12.2020, Moscow.

The lack of Russia’s reaction to the sanctions imposed against it is very comfortable for its opponents, so this war can be waged against Russia indefinitely, political scientist, Associate Professor of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Sergey Karnaukhov wrote on December 23 on his Telegram channel.

This is how the expert reacted to the news that the Research and Manufacturing Association Energomash, which is part of Roskosmos, plans to send six RD-180 engines for Atlas-5 rockets and four RD-181 engines for Antares rockets to the US next year.

Earlier, the USA imposed sanctions against Roskosmos. In this regard, political analyst Vitaly Tretyakov asked whether sending the engines was a symmetrical or asymmetrical response to the sanctions.

Karnaukhov wrote this question on his channel and explained, “If in response to the sanctions, we pretend that nothing is happening and continue to sell, cooperate, and supply, then the sanctions will be endless.”

The political scientist reminded that sanctions are also part of the war, only economic.

“So imagine that you were declared a conventional war. Shelling, bombing, subversive propaganda. And in response you pretend that there is no war. There is no military response. The question is how long can one fight so comfortably with you? Endlessly,” stressed Karnaukhov.

The expert further noted that as long as the economic aggressor itself does not suffer from hostility and sanctions, as long as it does not get a tough response, there will be no improvement in relations.

“The hope that the United States will come to its senses, that it will stop, is either an extreme degree of naivety or even worse,” Karnaukhov concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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