Belarusian KGB head states that the republic is preparing for a "hot war”

18.12.2020, Minsk.

National security agencies of Belarus expressed the readiness for a “hot war”, which may start under the guise of humanitarian aid, the head of the Belarussian State Security Committee (KGB) Ivan Tertel stated speaking to the workers of Grodno Azot, reported the Nasha Niva newspaper informed on December 17.

On behalf of the agency, Tertel stated that the Committee knows how the situation will develop in spring 2021 and expressed readiness to act “tough”. The KGB head specified that there is a possibility of “foreign intervention under the guise of humanitarian purposes.” He noted that “this difficult period” will last a year and a half to two years.

In addition, Tertel noted that the Republic of Belarus is in the focus of “the conflict of  interests of East and West” and is actively involved in the current geopolitical remaking of world order. “Poland calls us its ‘underbelly.’ Russia calls us ‘Smolensk Gate,’ direct access to Moscow. Whoever controls Belarus will dominate the region,” he said.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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