Senator Pushkov calls the Karabakh scenario for Donbass “quite probable”

25.11.2020, Moscow.

A scenario according to which Kiev will launch another military operation against the people’s republics in eastern Ukraine is “quite probable”, Chairman of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy Aleksey Pushkov wrote on his Telegram channel on November 25.

The Russian senator made such a statement commenting on the information that official Kiev, inspired by the Azerbaijani armed forces’ success in Nagorno Karabakh, is preparing its own campaign to seize the DPR and LPR “according to a similar scenario.”

“Kiev’s military operation against Donbass looks quite probable,” Pushkov wrote, referring to the relevant material from the Telegram channel WarGonzo.

“This is the only plan of ‘solving the problem’ that has been considered in Kiev all these years, while all talks in the frameworks of the Minsk agreements were a smoke screen,” he added.

The newly elected Moldavian president Maia Sandu also pointed out that Kiev must give up “softness” towards Donbass. In her opinion, Chișinău’s mild approach to the Transnistrian issue has led to nothing.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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