Ukrainian army conducts training exercises to invade Crimea

03.11.2020, Kiev.

The Ukrainian Joint Armed Forces conducted drills relating to recapturing Crimea by Ukraine, said Ukrainian Lieutenant-General Sergey Nayev on November 2, First Sevastopol informs.

Nayev, the commander of the Ukrainian Joint Armed Forces, said that the exercise is currently underway, which is a preparation for the military operation to invade the peninsula.

After the exercises, according to the Ukrainian military, Ukrainian special forces will be moved to the border with Crimea in order to start military operations on command.

According to the Ukrainian commanders’ plans, the Ukrainian army’s units together with the SBU, police, border guard, and state emergency services will participate in these operations. In addition, specialists to neutralize sabotage-recon groups must be also involved.

According to Nayev, the Ukrainian army’s actions on the border with Crimea may start this autumn.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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