Naryshkin tells what the USA has done after emergence of AIDS

26.10.2020, Moscow.

Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS) Sergey Naryshkin describes common features of US actions taken against coronavirus now and earlier against AIDS in his article for the National Defense journal on October 26.

The article was published on the day of the 95th anniversary of the FIS scientific and technical intelligence (STI) department. Naryshkin noted that the search for the “Moscow Trail” by the United States and its allies is common in these two cases.

“Taking advantage of the unusual and unknown disease, enclosing its data with a wall of secrecy, they tried to mislead not only the general public, but also the international medical community about the origin of AIDS, hinting at alleged bacteriological developments in the USSR,” he wrote.

According to Naryshkin, such a situation threatened the health of the USSR citizens, and could also undermine international medical cooperation, so the leadership of the country set a task before the STI department to obtain as soon as possible relevant information about the leading research on this topic being conducted in the world.

The NTR department successfully accomplished the operation in all regions of the world, and the most relevant information on studies, methods and drugs for AIDS testing was obtained. “The USSR has risen to the forefront of the general fight against AIDS… The most difficult task was accomplished,” said Naryshkin.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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