US expert: Russian opposition blogger Alexei Navalny is another CIA pawn


The CIA and other Western intelligence agencies support “oppositionists” like Navalny around the world, Struggle/La Lucha editor and Socialist Unity Party activist Greg Butterfield says, the Capital News informs on October 8.

According to Butterfield, the CIA supported the regime change of the Mossadegh government in Iran, Sukarno in Indonesia, Allende in Chile, and now the intelligence services are behind the events in Belarus and the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict.

“We know the CIA and other Western war agencies have a long history of working with ‘oppositionists’ who are friendly to imperialist aims against governments that are considered the enemy,” Butterfield said.

Trump is focused on war-mongering with Iran and China, but that doesn’t mean that the US intelligence has lost interest in Russia and the former Soviet Union. After the collapse of the USSR, both the Democratic and the Republican Parties chose to push further towards the disintegration of Russia.

The West wants to make Navalny, an opposition blogger, to be an anti-Putin symbol, noted the expert. They will attempt to present the Navally case to the International Criminal Court in the Hague, the European Court of Human Rights and other similar institutions. This will help in further hostilities and economic sanctions against Russia.

It will be possible to stimulate protests around the Navalny case, since the protests in Russia are an ordinary thing, particularly after the recently passed pension reform.

“I don’t think Navalny has much credibility since he and his backers are uninterested in the social demands of the working class,” Butterfield said.

Sanctions are the favored method of low-intensity warfare to the US. Trump’s most ardent supporters are the oil and gas billionaires. Therefore, they seized oil and gas fields in Syria, they are intervening in the affairs of Nagorno-Karabakh and Venezuela and waging a military confrontation with Iran, as well as creating opportunities for hostilities around the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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