Putin: Transnational financiers have prevented Russia from fighting terrorists

06.10.2020, Moscow.

International financial organizations tried to interfere in Russia’s fight against terrorists in the North Caucasus at the end of 1990s-beginning of 2000s, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on October 6 at the meeting with leaders of State Duma factions.

Putin said that he remembers well how “even to our requests to extend the deadline for payment of interest on earlier loans, representatives of international financial organizations demanded changes in domestic policy, including the preservation of our territorial integrity, referencing to our struggle against terrorist groups in the Caucasus.”

Putin said it was “fantastically unexpected” for him. He noted that at that time he was the head of the Russian government.

Counter-terrorism operations on the territory of the North Caucasus region took place in Chechnya and border areas of the North Caucasus from 1999 to 2000.

They were started on August 7, 1999, in connection with the foreign militants’ invasion of Dagestan under the general command of Shamil Basayev and Arab field commander Khattab to support local Islamists.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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