Kurginyan: A super-soldier is weaker than a person who has overcome his fear

25.09.2020, Moscow.

If genetic engineering can create a super-soldier, then only the higher meanings can create a hero capable of defeating this super-soldier, political scientist, philosopher, leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said in a new broadcast of his “The Meaning of the Game” cycle released on September 22 on the movement’s YouTube channel.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the youth festival in Sochi in 2017 that it is possible to create an ideal killer with the help of genetic engineering, a soldier endowed with superpowers and devoid of fear, reminded Kurginyan. But does one need to cure Man from fear by using technocratic means to create a super-soldier? The philosopher poses a question.

“I am ready to present an alternative point of view and prove that Man without fear is complete junk compared to Man who is able to conquer his fear and turn this fear into a pillar of his fearlessness,” he stressed.

When they are saying today that it is possible to create a fearless warrior, who will be also ruthless and especially effective, they mean something that has always been in the center of attention for certain groups and circles, clans and agencies, he explained. Sergey Kurginyan reminded that the history of such projects ascends deep into antiquity: there were berserkers and Hassan as-Sabbāh’s assassins.

The political scientist emphasized that “Man in the all senses of the word, who possess ideal meanings that are truly important for him, can defeat any technocratic monster – if, of course, he conquers his fear.” He explained that through these meanings such Man can not only defeat fear, but can turn such fear from an obstacle into a source of heroism.

In a new broadcast of his “The Meaning of the Game” cycle, Kurginyan gave several examples of movies, in which such victories are clearly shown. These are Soviet films Chapaev and MedicineforFear.

For example, in the film Medicine for Fear, a modest district militia officer who is armed with ideal meanings defeats an ideal killer, disproving the current trend prevailing, according to which technocracism, i.e. genome editing, etc., is unbeatable, Kurginyan explained.

He noted that the American cinematography also discussed this topic in a similar way. As an example, the political scientist mentioned the film Rocky IV, where the hero beats a super-technological fighter. That is, according to the Americans, anti-technocracy defeats technocracism, and what matters is not a fearless killer, a product of technocratic madness, but a heroic man who conquers his fear.

The political scientist stressed that the spirit is crucial here, “If Man’s spirit is weakened more and more, then of course, the ‘monster’ will win. And this applies not only to boxing and not only to the topic of creating perfect killers.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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