Professor: Lenin is more terrifying for the present authorities than Stalin

15.09.2020, Moscow.

The image of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is dangerous for the present political authorities, so the authorities cannot tolerate the Soviet leader. Professor, doctor of philosophical sciences, chairman of the board of the Knowledge to the people society Stanislav Nekrasov stated this in his interview to Rossa Primavera News Agency on September 14.

The expert commented on the initiative of the Union of Architects of Russia, in which it was suggested to “reuse” the Mausoleum of Lenin. The architects even talked about some “historical mistakes of the past” that had allegedly been made in Soviet times.

“What are the mistakes? What are they hinting at? It is not clear, whose opinion they are voicing. What does Lenin, the founder of the Soviet state, have to do with this? For them [to the authorities – Rossa Primavera News Agency’s note] Lenin is certainly more terrifying than Stalin. They still tolerate Stalin as an ‘emperor’, as a winner in the war. They are, however, silent that Stalin is a communist and successor of Lenin, ‘just a pupil of the great Lenin,’ as he presented himself. And Lenin is a Marxist. After all, they are more afraid of Lenin, he terrified them, I think,” Nekrasov said.

The professor warned that any non-standard steps could be taken against Lenin’s memory “because their task is to get rid of Lenin.

Doctor of Philosophy pointed out that the Mausoleum of Lenin is important not only for the post-Soviet peoples, but also for China. “Stalin initiated Mao Zedong actually on Lenin’s coffin in 1950. In 1949, he also came to him on the seventieth anniversary since his birthday, and in January 1950 the two of them went to the Mausoleum and talked about something there. This is an initiation, in fact, the ‘mandate of the Heaven,’ speaking the Chinese language,” said the expert.

The Mausoleum of Lenin still attracts the attention of people from around the world as “a place to which workers of all countries come to worship.” The professor emphasizes that Lenin himself is “a defender of the people, suffering humiliation and trampling for many years, who launched a program to build socialism.”

“I believe that it is necessary to initiate further leaders of the communist, leftist movement, liberation, any movement of workers. Because Lenin is a continuation of Rasin’s, Pugachev’s, people’s rebellion, protest movement, and Old Believers’ movement. Lenin as a person is a great integrator. And it seems to me that he would not have established himself without all these historical stages of the liberation movement in Russia,” concluded Nekrasov.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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