Polish Prometheism has nothing to do with Prometheus. But it has something to do with Belarus

25.08.2020, Moscow.

The anti-Russian organization Prometheus, founded in Paris in 1926 under the tutelage of Polish intelligence, had nothing to do with the image of the real Prometheus, the political scientist and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan writes in his article On Communism and Marxism – 26 published in the Essence of Time newspaper.

“The Prometheus organization was founded in Paris in 1926. It included representatives of Azerbaijan, Don Cossacks, Georgia, the so-called Idel-Urals (i.e. Volga region), Karelia, Komi, Crimea, Kuban, North Caucasus, Turkestan, and Ukraine. Not only Polish military intelligence, represented by Charaszkiewicz and his special team, was in charge of this program. The Eastern Institute in Warsaw and the Institute for Study of Eastern Europe in Vilna [common name of Vilnius until 1918 – translator’s note] more openly supported this program,” the article reads.

It is written that the man who inspired Prometheism was Polish statesman Józef Piłsudski, who was the leader of Poland for a long time. Piłsudski wanted to create a large federal state that would include “almost all the countries whose representatives joined Prometheus.”

“Pilsudski hoped to create at least Polish-Lithuanian-Belarusian-Ukrainian federation of Intermarium, which would include the main territories of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth,” Sergey Kurginyan writes.

“Piłsudski’s Prometheism fully comes down to the creation of some kind of federative super-Poland, which includes not only Ukraine and Lithuania, but also the Baltic States, the Caucasus and so on,” the article notes.

“This Prometheism of Piłsudski has nothing to do with the image of Prometheus, the idea of Prometheus, the myth of Prometheus, and Lafarge-Marxist understanding of Prometheus,” emphasizes Kurginyan.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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