Kurginyan: “The Western blitzkrieg in Belarus has failed”

25.08.2020, Moscow.

Western plans for the rapid implementation of the “Orange Revolution” scenario in Belarus have failed, while the struggle did not end, but has gone into a protracted stage, said the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on August 23 on the air of the Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV program on the Russia One channel.

“In Belarus, some forces expected they would succeed with blitzkrieg. The Western blitzkrieg in Belarus has failed. That’s it. Its over.” – the expert said.

He added that now is a different time. The conservative part of Belarusian society has finally gathered and mobilized. However, the opposition does not intend to give up.

“Has the other side become passive? It hasn’t. It keeps working, and quite decisively,” the political scientist emphasized.

Kurginyan also expressed his opinion on who is to blame for the events that unfolded in Belarus after the presidential election. The political scientist believes that it is not the opposition or the West that is at fault.

“The authorities are always to blame. Not the organizers of the Orange Revolution. They are always doing their job, they know what’s what, and they are our enemies. Not someone else. It is not the rain’s fault that you got wet. It’s your fault that you did not take an umbrella,” the expert explained.

The political scientist reminded that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko was not ready for the riots that broke out after the elections, and at first he was completely confused.

“Why was he confused? Because he’s got cocky, and he began to rest on his laurels. Because he decided to take everything for granted, that he became satiated with power. He stopped being ready to fight for it every day,” the political scientist said.

After the initial loss, the head of state is now showing greater clarity, and therefore the political struggle is entering a new phase, the expert noted.

“He somehow mobilized his system; at least he got the ball rolling. This means that everything has entered the stage of a protracted war,” Kurginyan stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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