Opinion: Belarusian Maidan has reached the middle of Gene Sharp’s guide

14.08.2020, Minsk.

The situation in Belarus has reached the middle of the algorithm for implementing color revolutions developed by Gene Sharp. Russian journalist Konstantin Prydybaylo working in Belarus expressed this opinion on August 14 on his Telegram-channel.

“According to the Gene Sharp’s methodology of velvet revolutions, Belarus is somewhere between the paragraphs 100 and 120. There are 198 of them in total,” said the RT correspondent.

Further, he recalled the following stages of the process development. This is a refusal to cooperate with the authorities and government agencies. Then, exclusion from international organizations, “the Western supervisors and Tsepkalo are already working on this.” Also in Belarus, “blocking of everything” as well as the previously tested overload of the administrative system will begin.

The next stage will be “creation of a parallel government and sovereignty (the exiled government of Tikhanovskaya-Tsepkalo-Prokopyev, recognition of the coat of arms “pursuit” and the white-red-white flag as “new Belarus” symbols).

“And that’s it, the end. More precisely, the beginning of chaos. After such revolutions, it was and will always be,” concluded the journalist.

In 1993, Professor Gene Sharp of the University of Massachusetts wrote essay From dictatorship to democracy, in which, based on ten years of experience, he described the most effective ways to successfully destroy the dictatorship with minimal suffering and sacrifice. According to experts, this essay has influenced the implementation of coup d’etats in Serbia, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt and other countries.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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