Former security agency officer: detention of allegedly PMC Wagner members – sloppy work of SBU

08.08.2020, Moscow.

The traces left during the counterfeiting of phones and e-mails, by the means of which Russian citizens, detained in Belarus, contacted the customer, lead to the Ukrainian security services, the head of Internet-Rozysk and a former security agency officer Igor Bederov said to a correspondent of the Rossa Primavera News Agency on August 8.

The fact that the detention of allegedly Russian militants on the Belorussian territory was staged by someone was beyond doubt from the very beginning of the conflict,” noted Bederov. “Not really bothering with the evidence, official Minsk at first accused Russia in preparation for the power overthrow, and then handed over the list of detainees to the Ukrainian security services,” he added.

At the same time, according to Bederov, the Syrian number, which the detainees used to contact the alleged Russian customer, “was a 100% fake, and on top of that the fake was incompetent“. “The authors of this fake didn’t even bother to forge the real number, which would correspond to the legend and would be clear,” he stressed.

Bederov noted that processing of detainees’ air tickets was conducted from Kiev rather than Moscow. “A set of electronic digital traces left during the counterfeiting of phone numbers, as well as email, through which there was contact with the detainees, also lead us to the Ukrainian territory,” the expert explained.

According to him, the Ukrainians tried to hide the traces with the help of anonymizers, “they did not bother to change the language and time settings of their computers“. “This also allows us to draw a conclusion about the involvement of Ukrainian security services in the detention,” Bederov said.

In relation to this, Bederov believes it is quite understandable that the Ukrainian security services found people who fought in the Donbass among the detained Russian citizens. “It is them who have been preparing this list for over a year. At least this is the period when the registered for provocation domain existed,” the expert concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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