Syria’s position on an oil agreement between Kurds and the USA: “Robbery in the true sense of the word”

02.08.2020, Damascus.

An agreement between an American oil company and Kurds’ Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on the development of Syrian oil is illegal and predatory, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Syrian Arab Republic declared on August 2, SANA Agency reports.

The Ministry statement says, “This agreement is robbery in the true sense of the word, it can be characterized as a deal between thieves that rob and buy.”

The Ministry believes that the agreement between an American oil company and the Kurdish SDF was concluded with the support of the Trump administration for the sake of plundering Syrian oil.

The Syrian MFA stresses that this agreement is invalid and has no legal force, aiming to undermine the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The final part of the statement is dedicated to the Kurdish SDF. According to the Ministry, the agreement with the USA has revealed a terroristic character of this organization.

“These mercenaries and terrorists must comprehend that sooner or later the American occupation will be over, and they will be defeated,” the statement says.

It is to be noted that on July 30 US State Secretary Mike Pompeo confirmed that an American oil company had made an agreement with the Kurdish SDF on the modernization of oil extraction industry in the northeast of Syria.

This region of the country is under control of the SDF and the American military contingent. The company’s name has not been reported.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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