Pushkov: the US-led alliance against China will die before birth

25.07.2020, Moscow.

US State Secretary Mike Pompeo’s idea to create an alliance of democracies against China is a lost cause, Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov said on July 25 on his Twitter page.

Pushkov noted that almost all US allies depend economically on China, so they will not sacrifice their profits.

“Russia does not play such games. The USA has only one way – to persuade China and Russia to join G7. But it will fail to strangle them”, said the Senator.

Pushkov compared Pompeo’s speech with Churchill’s speech in Fulton, but this time it is directed against China. “However, Pompeo did not take into account the following fact. By calling upon the world to unite against the People’s Republic of China, the USA staked its authority and its capability to lead alliances. But there is lack of cohesion in the West. This alliance will die before birth.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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