Kurginyan: Neoconservatives find both Trump and Democrats unacceptable

24.07.2020, Moscow.

The neoconservatives find the Democrats Clinton and Obama as objectionable as the Republican Trump, political scientist, leader of the Essence of Time movement said in “The Meaning of the Game” broadcast published on the movement’s YouTube channel on July 23.

“Neoconservatives find US Democrats like Clinton and Obama equally objectionable as the inconvenient, pragmatic, nationally oriented paleoconservatives like Trump,” Kurginyan said.

He noted that 2020 is a fateful year for the neoconservative group in the US elite because this group cannot allow Trump to be reelected for a second term.

The political scientist stressed that analyzing the position of neoconservatives, “we are again facing the so-called third path.” “It is the very path, which was suggested by the ideologists of fascism most closely connected with Trotskyism,” Kurginyan explained.

As an example of a confrontation between neocons and the White House, the analyst cites a conflict over the publication of memoirs by Trump’s former National Security Advisor, John Bolton. The desire of Trump administration to prevent these memoirs from being published faced persistence from Bolton and the groups behind him.

In this regard, Kurginyan notes that “Bolton remained firm in executing the decisions of his neoconservative leadership.”

On June 23, Bolton published the book, The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir. It happened despite the White House’s attempts to prevent this publication. Trump’s administration insisted that Bolton’s memoirs might contain classified information, but the US court allowed the publication of the book.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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