LPR representative: Three people killed during ceasefire in Lugansk People's Republic

22.07.2020, Lugansk.

Ukrainian policy over one year of ceasefire in Donbass has killed three people and wounded 40 in the Lugansk People’s Republic, according to the LPR representative at the sub-group for political issues of the Contact Group Rodion Miroshnik.

“On July 21, 2019, an indefinite ceasefire was agreed in Minsk. De jure it remains effective, but de facto the Ukrainian armed groups violated it in its first few hours. Later they claimed their commitment to it and made further violations. Then they proposed another regime to make it less obvious but failed,” he wrote.

According to Miroshnik, since July 21, 2019, the Ukrainian military have killed 3 people and wounded 40. Also, they destroyed or damaged 485 households.

He noted that this ceasefire has failed to protect civilians form death or injuries. The LPR representative reminded that the current ceasefire was agreed after Zelensky came to power, who was called “president of peace.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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