Expert: Catholic Church of Venezuela has always been on oligarchs’ side

13.07.2020, Caracas.

The Catholic Church of Venezuela is an anti-government force, it supports opposition oligarchs. Public figure, member of the resistance to the Argentine military junta in 1970s, writer Sara Rosenberg stated this on July 12 commenting to Rossa Primavera News Agency on the political statement of the Conference of Catholic Bishops in support of the opposition.

On July 10, participants of the permanent Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a “pastoral address” demanding the change of the current government of Venezuela into a “government of change” based on “free and democratic” elections. The bishops condemned the Bolivarian Army for supporting the country’s leadership. The bishops complained about the persecution of the opposition, warned about the boycott of the parliamentary elections scheduled for December 6, and expressed distrust in the results.

The writer pointed out that both the leader of the Revolution in Venezuela Hugo Chávez and the current president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro are Catholic, but the Catholic Church of the country has always been on the side of a minority – oligarchic forces that are trying to carry out a coup d’état with the obvious support of the United States.

“Chávez was Catholic and always turned to the spirit of Christianity. In addition, Christianity is the religion of the popular masses. However, the church has always been against the changes carried out by Chavez, and now by Maduro. The church is a deeply anti-Chavist institution, and it has played on the side of the opposition, calling many times for coups d’état and violence. This is because it defends class interests, political interests. It is the same as the fascist evangelical churches that are now existing in Brazil, Bolivia, etc. They are an instrument of support for the US and the opposition mafia. There is no doubt that this is the role they play,” Rosenberg said.

“The Venezuelan Church is an anti-Chavist and anti-government force. As it happens very often in (Latin) America. I will not forget that in Argentina, they were direct accomplices to Videla’s dictatorship. In Venezuela, they were always with the oligarchy and mafia. Since the beginning of Chavism, they have been in the service of the putschists and the right political mafia,” she added.

The public figure recalled that during the last coup attempt in 2017, the Catholic Church of Venezuela supported the proponents of coup d’état, despite the fact that the attempt was accompanied by fierce street battles unleashed by armed gangs of opposition supporters in the center of Caracas, which resulted in numerous victims.

The address of the Venezuelan bishops was made public at the same time as the European Parliament’s resolution, which demanded “free” elections that can be “trusted” and expressed support for the Venezuelan opposition. The leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Juan Guaidó, thanked the bishops for their support on his Twitter page.

Pope Francis pointed out that Hugo Chávez thought about the poor and did not gain material wealth. In 2013, the head of the Vatican said that Chavez thought about the poor. He added that Chavez died without material wealth, it was true because Chavez died without anything.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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