Council of the Russian Federation: Kiev’s refusal to supply water to Crimea is immoral

10.07.2020, Moscow.

A senator from the Crimean region Sergey Tsekov called Kiev’s refusal to resume water supply to Crimea immoral, RIA Novosti informed on July 10.

Earlier, the Secretary of the National Security Council Aleksey Danilov has said that Kiev will not supply water to Crimea until the later will become a part of Ukraine.

“Such position is immoral. In a democratic and civilized world, of which Ukraine purports to be a part, blockade, especially in such an important issue as water supply, is not acceptable,” Tsekov said.

According to him, Crimea does not intend to ask Ukraine to resume water supply, while Russia intends to solve this problem itself, for what a number of important projects have already been implemented.

“And Ukraine can continue to take an immoral and barbaric position, depriving its budget of potential benefits,” the senator said.

Earlier Ukraine provided up to 85% of Crimea’s water demand, after the region joined Russia, Kiev stopped supplying water. So far, this issue has been resolved at the expense of water reservoirs, but last year they became shallow due to low rainfall.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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