Russian senator calls new US sanctions total war against Russia

12.06.2020, Moscow.

The US Republican Party has been preparing a new package of sanctions against Russia, which is an unprecedented event in the recent history of relationships between Moscow and Washington, said Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov in his Telegram channel on June 11.

The head of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy explained why the developing of a new package of sanctions by The Republican Study Committee on security and foreign policy is no longer an empty report, “This Committee gathered around 150 Republican congressmen. So this is not just another report, but this is a program of economic war against Russia, which may have a legislative continuation.”

According to Pushkov, the upcoming sanctions against Russia will not represent new tensions in Russian-American relations, but a new format of these relations in situations of total economic war.

“The main thing in them is the disconnection of Russia from the SWIFT system of international money transfers. < … > The sanctions proposed by the Republicans will move things to the level of total economic war by the USA against Russia,” Pushkov wrote in his Telegram channel.

Previously, it became known about a draft of new sanctions against Russia, China and Iran, which was prepared by members of the United States House of Representatives from the Republican party.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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