Kurginyan: Trump and Biden’s battle in the US will result in aggravation for Donbass

25.05.2020, Moscow.

The likelihood of the escalation in Donbass has increased dramatically due to the escalation in the US election campaign and the US-China confrontation, said the leader of the Essence of Time social and political movement Sergey Kurginyan, an analyst and political scientist, in the program Sunday Evening with Vladimir Soloviev on Russia 1 TV channel on May 24.

According to Kurginyan, the “Derkach tapes” have irrefutably and flawlessly proven that Joe Biden participated in a real corruption scheme “with the transfer of money from the son to the father and with everything else.

The political scientist stressed that in order to adequately understand what is happening, the United States should be perceived as the world’s leading superpower: “Anyway, this is the Roman Empire of the era of decay, where emperors change, and everyone else is being shaken.”

Biden begins to overtake Trump… and suddenly – boom!  Playing the Ukrainian card gives Trump new opportunities. Can you imagine the attention drawn to this factor? It’s not just some tiny colonial country that makes more or less fuss. This is the problem of the Empire’s fate,” Kurginyan said.

In addition, there is a sharp deterioration in relations between the US and China, which means, according to the “concept of the State Department“, between the US and the Russian-Chinese bloc, the expert stressed.

Many factors appear at once, which in principle make the escalation in Donbass about 5-7 times more possible than before. And it has never been as evident as it is now, that the individual exchanges of fire indicate that the situation is moving in this direction,” warned the political scientist.

On May 19, Verkhovnaya Rada MP Andrey Derkach published recordings of phone conversations “with voices similar to those of Pyotr Poroshenko and Joseph Biden,” where among other things, they discussed the resignation of the Ukrainian General Prosecutor, who Biden found undesirable, in the exchange for $1 billion in loan guarantees.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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