Syria’s ambassador to Russia accuses the U.S. of “medical terrorism”

18.05.2020, Moscow.

U.S. sanctions against Syria, which endanger people’s lives because of lack of medications in the country, are similar to a new type of terrorism, Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad said at an online conference on May 18.

The conference was dedicated to International Quds Day, a day of solidarity with the struggle of Palestine and Lebanon against the occupation. During his speech, the diplomat noted the mobilization of the entire international community to fight the new type of coronavirus pandemic. However, this mobilization has not led the United States to a more humane approach towards other countries.

Even during the pandemic, the United States did not abandon its sanctions policy against Syria. At the same time, those actions affected first and foremost the Syrian people, who need medications and special means to fight the infection.

“Being deprived of such aid, we are witnessing a new type of terrorism – it is already medical terrorism – against people because the lack of medications is killing people,” Haddad said.

The diplomat urged the international community to pay attention to this problem. He said that the World Health Organisation should oppose such a policy, which could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe in the region.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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