Russia and Syria accuse WHO of supporting US political speculations

13.05.2020, Damascus.

Russian and Syrian authorities accused the World Health Organization (WHO) of supporting U.S. political speculation on Syria on May 13 in a joint statement of the Russian-Syrian interagency coordination staffs.

The statement draws attention to the fact that the epidemic situation in the north-eastern parts of the Syrian Arab Republic is a complex that the United States is actively exploiting in its political speculation on this subject.

The representatives of Russia and Syria stated in that connection, “It is surprising and alarming that even the World Health Organization has been involved in that activity.”

Moscow and Damascus are outraged by WHO calls for the opening of various border crossing points on the Syrian border, including the al-Yaarubiyah crossing, for delivery of humanitarian aid.

According to representatives of the two countries, if the appeal of the WHO is followed, weapons, drugs and militants will flood in Syria through such corridors. Moreover, such opening of crossing points could also lead to the import of coronavirus cases.

Russia and Syria called on WHO to stop manipulating public opinion by participating in information wars of Western countries against Syria.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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