Famous Italian left-wing journalist Giulietto Chiesa passed away

26.04.2020, Moscow.

In Italy in the 80th year of life a famous left-wing journalist, writer and politician Giulietto Chiesa passed away, said his wife Fiammetta Cucurniya, Italian La Repubblica reports on April 26.

According to Fiammetta, he died of a heart attack on the night of Sunday. Doctors could do nothing. “Yes, Giulietto passed away,” she told to reporters.

Giulietto Chiesa was born in 1940 in Italy. During his life, he was the leader of several communist organizations in the country. He was the head of Genoa Association of the Italian Communist Party, a member of the European Parliament and president of the association “Alternative“. He wrote several books about the collapse of the USSR and the problems of globalization.

He believed that in 1991 there was a counterrevolution, which led to the collapse of the USSR, and then to the degradation of civil society in Italy and other European countries. However, he and many of his comrades continued to believe in the possibility of defeating the regression and believed that Russia could become the locomotive of this victory.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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