US expert: If China's statistics on COVID-19 are false, then no one can be trusted

02.04.2020, New York.

Statements by a number of Western politicians and journalists that China’s data on the number of people infected with coronavirus were falsified do not stand up to any criticism, said Huang Yanzhong, an expert at the US Council on Foreign Relations on April 2, the Global Times informs.

The analyst noted that if the Chinese statistics on COVID-19 cases are questioned, then all other world data are not trustworthy. The fact is, that the Chinese authorities compile their statistical data based on clear scientific methods and publish them regularly, the expert believes.

“In fact, the decision makers [in China – Rossa Primavera News Agency] want nothing more than the most accurate and real number, so they can make the right decision; otherwise they cannot handle the pandemic properly,” said Huang.

In addition, the expert noted that the non-inclusion of asymptomatic patients in the official Chinese statistics on COVID-19 cases is due only to the fact that no country in the world is able to test its entire population for the coronavirus infection.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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