Kurginyan: Russia has to become a superpower to survive

27.02.2020, Moscow.

The political will to turn Russia into a superpower has to appear in order to prevent the Western mega-trend from destroying Russia, as the latter cannot become part of it, the leader of the Essence of Time movement and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on the air of the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV program on the Russia One channel.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin] said that we must integrate ourselves into the contemporary mega-trend, and then everything will be alright. But he did answer the question of whether Russia is even capable of integrating into the contemporary mega-trend. It cannot. We cannot integrate into this mega-trend. This means that the only thing we can do is change it. In order to change it, we have to become a superpower again. To become a superpower we need time, energy, and an actor,” the political scientist explained.

According to Kurginyan, the elite and society are facing one main question: who is this political actor that can engage in making Russia a superpower. One would think that the scientific community could accept responsiblity for this in the 21st century, but it shows no readiness for this.

“Once I was talking to the academic elite. It was in 1990s. When I asked one of them, ‘Why do they keep not understanding me?’ he answered ‘Because they are speaking the language of providing scientific services, and you are speaking the language of elite responsibility,’” the political scientist said.

Kurginyan warned that 5 to 7 years are left for transforming the power structure Russia in terms of abandoning the policy to merge with Europe. These years will be full of political instability, which will begin already with the Duma elections. If the authorities waste these years, the state may collapse again.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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