Kurginyan: Communism gives people freedom

07.11.2019, Moscow.

Communism offers people freedom, and first of all freedom from the so-called “inherent natural laws,” when Man is a Wolf to Man, political scientist and leader of the Essence of Time social political movement Sergey Kurginyan said in an interview to the Literanurnaya Gazeta newspaper on October 23.

The political scientist defines freedom as a state of independence from the natural laws that determine the so-called “natural selection,” where “the slyest, the shrewdest and the most sharp-toothed one” survives, and a continuous fight among people must take place, as it happens in nature.

We come to social Darwinism when society focuses on materialism and denies the spirit. The argument between the matter and the spirit has been taking place throughout the history of humanity, and this is what accounts for the ups (the emerging of new high civilizations) and downs (periods of “dark ages”), the political scientist believes.

“A high dream wins, but then a downwards phase follows. The great Mycenaean culture falls into dark ages. Then another wave of ascension comes, classical Greece. After Rome falls, the dark ages come again. And then another ascension comes, the splendor of the Proto-Renaissance and the Renaissance,” the leader of the social movement told the journalist.

Speaking further about the alternating historical phases with victories and defeats between the spirit and the matter, Sergey Kurginyan provided an example from Russia’s history. He characterized the phase of perestroika as a phase when the matter defeated the spirit, and the so-called “natural law” was declared, and this is what the free market is.

“After the collapse of communism and the USSR, our ideologists enlightened the public that a natural materialistic law exits when all eat all, and the strongest one wins, that the competition in the free market will determine everything, and there is no alternative,” Sergey Kurginyan said.

Since these processes have phases, Sergey Kurginyan stressed that “we will not survive for long within the victory of  social Darwinism; an anti-bourgeois wave will rise sooner or later, which I call the Red Revenge.”

To support the idea that communism is, first of all, the triumph of the spiritual component over the “natural laws,” Kurginyan cited the doctrine of Karl Marx, pointing out that many try to represent Marx as a “vulgar materialist,” while in fact Marx discussed “a victory of not the gut, but the spirit.”

 “According to Marx, the separation from one’s species-being means spiritual death. Marx directly said this, and many times,” the political scientist said.

In his discussion with the journalist about Marx, Kurginyan said, “He said that Man can leap from the kingdom of necessity into the kingdom of freedom. And what is the kingdom of freedom as an alternative to the kingdom of necessity? It is a kingdom that is free from the primitive natural laws based on the principle of ‘eat or be eaten’.”

The political scientist added, “Man is not a Wolf to Man. This is what the communist movement was based on.” To prove that it was about freedom in the Soviet state, Kurginyan cited an example from Soviet cultural life, the words from the well-known Soviet song, “…we will fight our way through to freedom.”

The leader of the Essence of Time movement used the concept of freedom to supplement the concept of “The New Man,” a key concept of communist ideology.

“The free man is what the New Man is,” he said.

Freedom is a common subject in speculations of those who support liberal ideology, tolerance campaigners, etc. Most often, they interpret it as a freedom to exercise one’s base instincts. Kurginyan, in contrast, consistently promotes the idea that another kind of freedom is more important to human beings, the freedom and the right to ascend. The political scientist believes that this is what people today are deprived of.

According to a survey by the US-based Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VCMF), for the first time over the recent years, 36% of US residents under 40 expressed support for the ideas of communism. This result confused the survey organizers. The Executive Director of the foundation Marion Smith believes that this happened due to low awareness about “the 100 million victims of communists” among young Americans; therefore, the foundation must double its efforts.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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