Kurginyan: Donbass is where Ukrainian people are, not Lvov. Ukraine’s future is there

08.10.2019, Moscow.

Ukraine’s future depends on the qualities the Ukrainian people have, and people in Donbass display the highest expression of the Ukrainian spirit, stated the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan during the Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov TV show at the Russian Channel 1 on October 6.

“Hitlers come and go, but Germany and the German people remain,” Kurginyan recalled Stalin’s words. Thomas Mann, the German writer, philosopher and advisor to US President Roosevelt, thought differently when he said that the German people were to blame for what happened during Nazism and that the blame cannot be taken away. In this regard: “Now, I have the biggest and the most tragic question to ask. What is the Ukrainian people?” said Kurginyan addressing Ukrainian issues.

Why should I consider people from the city of Lvov [in western Ukraine – translator’s note] Ukrainians? Why should I express my compliments to this part of the Ukrainian people? They hate, insult, and disrespect Russia,” stressed the political scientist.

To me, Donbass represents the highest expression of the Ukrainian spirit. That’s what Ukrainian people are all about. The rest of the Ukrainian people got cold feet, I mean the Russian speaking part of Ukraine in the south and so on, but not the people of Donbass,” said the political scientist.

Then Kurginyan raised the question regarding Ukraine’s future. According to him, it depends directly on the qualities of the Ukrainian people. “Will it be possible to maintain at least some of its integrity, and how can it be maintained without the eastern part of the country, which expressed the greatness of the Ukrainian spirit with the Donbass revolution against Bandera Nazi abomination,” summarized Kurginyan.

The political groups that came to power as a result of the armed coup in 2014 in Ukraine rely on radical forces and Bandera Nazi ideology. A total historical revision took place, including the Soviet period and the events of the Great Patriotic War.

Nazi collaborators were declared national heroes with the silent consent of majority of the Ukrainian people. And, only the Donbass people rose up against the efforts to demolish the historical memory, using weapons to defend their ideals.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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