Netherlands bias while investigating MH17 disaster confirmed

30.07.2019, Hague.

The reluctance of the Netherlands to consider new data on the Malaysian MH17 shootdown over the territory of Donbass indicates the bias of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), a source at the Russian Embassy in the city of Hague informed, RIA Novosti reported on July 30.

The diplomatic mission commented on the situation in which the JIT refused to consider the data presented by the German detective Josef Resch, who proposed using new materials on the crash.

“Our position regarding the impartiality, independence, and professionalism of the investigation carried out in the framework of the Joint Investigation Team under the leadership of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Netherlands is well known. It has not undergone any changes,” the diplomatic mission said.

The investigating officer tried to transfer materials that were not taken into account by the JIT earlier, upon the condition that international media will be present during the transfer, but this was denied. Resch explained his condition by fearing for his life as he had received threats earlier.

On July 2014, a Boeing 777 was shot down over Donetsk, performing flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The crash killed 298 people. During the investigation, Russia has repeatedly stated that the investigation ignores many facts and that it is biased.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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