Ukraine calls to prepare for intervention in Russia if there’s a “revolution”

30.07.2019, Kiev.

The former Ukrainian Forbes editor Maxim Kukhar called to urgently prepare Ukrainian troops for intervention in Russia to support democracy on July 27 on his Facebook page.

The Ukrainian journalist stated that Ukrainian troops should be sent to Russia at the request of a “Government of National Trust of the Russian Federation”, which will be formed in order to hold early elections and to oversee lustration procedures.

Moreover, Maxim Kukhar called on the Ukrainian army to prepare for offensive operations in Crimea and the Donbass regions in order to prevent the transfer of troops from these regions into Moscow “to crush the revolution”.

On July 27, protest actions, accompanied by clashes with police and detentions, took place in Moscow. In total, more than 1,300 people were detained.

Editorial comment

Scenarios such as the one, where Russian maidan organizers will turn to the West with a request to send troops to maintain order over Russian territory in the event of chaos, were already proposed during the 2011-2012 protests. On top of that, protest leaders such as Garry Kasparov openly called on the US to use force against Russia as it had done in the Middle East and Africa.

In essence, the Ukrainian journalist has, now, called for the “Maidan” scenario in Russia where the Russian maidan organizers will be supported not by NATO forces, but by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Remembering the bloody chaos during the “Ukrainian Maidan” and the beginning of the civil war, one can only imagine what the Russian border areas could turn into if the “Maidan” wins in Moscow.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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