AKSIO to survey Russian citizens on pension reform and its consequences

11.06.2019, Moscow.

The Agency for Cultural and Social Research of Society (Russian: AKSIO) is launching a survey on June 10 to study Russian residents’ opinions on the pension reform and its consequences for the authorities and society, the Rossa Primavera News Agency reported on June 10.

In the new study, AKSIO is trying to understand how the pension reform could have nevertheless been adopted in spite of 90% speaking out against it even before it came into effect. Has people’s opinion about the pension reform changed?

Russian citizens will also be asked how they will vote at the coming elections, how their attitudes towards the authorities have changed (if they have) after the pension reform was adopted, and to what extent are they satisfied with the Russian authorities’ attitude towards the people.

The survey will last one month until July 10. AKSIO plans to publish the results of the study not later than July 31. The all-Russian survey, as the previous ones, will be carried out by volunteers including activists of the Essence of Time movement, members of the All-Russian Parent’s Resistance, and other concerned citizens who are interested in learning more about the society we all live in. Anyone can participate in the survey after a briefing, provided he is willing to observe the survey rules.

This will be the seventh AKSIO survey. The first survey took place in April 2011, and it studied public opinion regarding the de-Sovietization program proposed by the President of Russia’s Council on Human Rights.

Then, it was demonstrated that 89.7% of the country’s population were against the de-Sovietization. 36 thousand people were surveyed. This extremely wide coverage is what makes AKSIO surveys unique. The study could not reveal even a smallest of groups within the population, which would have been willing to accept the program proposed by the presidential council.

Further surveys also studied the opinions of Russian citizens on the most urgent and sensitive issues such as the implementation of forced foster care in Russia and the reform of the education system.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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