Armenian legislation implements new family model

05.06.2019, Yerevan.

The Soros Foundation in Armenia actively promotes laws that undermine the traditional family, Ayk Ayvazyan, the director of an information and analytical portal, said on June 4 in an interview to the Iravunk newspaper.

According to the expert, a “legislative attack on values” has been taking place in Armenia since 2013 when the Parliament adopted a Gender Act as the basis for “the entire concept of legalizing perversions.” All related acts were to be adopted as a package, but popular indignation did not allow these plans to materialize, Ayvazyan said.

Ayk Ayvazyan answered a question regarding who could stand behind the Soros Foundation. According to the expert, it is the US Department of State and the CIA; however, Armenia as the first country to adopt Christianity can become a precedent of resistance against the promotion of gender ideology and an example for many European countries, which can openly express their disagreement with the US policy towards undermining traditional values.

Ayvazyan also believes that one of the major threats is the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, which introduces the concept of partnership as an equal counterpart to family, thus implementing a new family model where “partners may be of the same gender.” In the EU, three countries did not ratify this convention last year, because it sets forth the concept of a third gender, a social one, thus “compromising the model of family as a union of a man and a woman.”

The gender ideology has already taken hold in Western countries, and it is actively being promoted beyond their borders, being essentially used to destroy societies and state sovereignty, because the state is formed on the basis of traditional values, first of all family values. In Russia, the majority of society opposes the promotion of gender ideology, although there is quite an active and noticeable part that welcomes such changes. The persistence with which the West promotes gender ideology may be compared with the crusades.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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