Guaidó receives no support. Military coup in Venezuela fails

01.05.2019, Caracas.

The government fully controls La Carlota airbase, Diosdado Cabello, Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and President of the Constituent National Assembly of Venezuela (CNA) said on April 30.

 “A very small group of people attempted a coup. I think they are not aware of the consequences,” Cabello said on April 30 to VTV Channel.

According to the Vice President of Venezuela, commanders lied to a part of the detachment and did not communicate the real intentions of the organizers. As soon as a group of sergeants and officials from the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN) learned about the real plans for the military coup, they abandoned the plotters and took the side of the government forces.

The broadcasted videos show the opposition groups (in white shirts) continuing to throw smoke bombs and stones at the Venezuelan National Guard.

 “The world should know that Venezuela wants to live in peace, but we have to protect ourselves, we have to protect Nicolás Maduro. So we are ready to do everything to keep the peace,” Cabello added.

The Vice President also explained that now “the country is totally peaceful in all its main parts except for ‘Altamira distribution point’ on the Francisco Fajardo highway in the city of Caracas.”

The military base is located in the center of the capital. A bridge and a road junction are also located there. The rioters are staying in the middle of the Altamira Bridge, next to the La Carlota base. The situation is under total control and Caracas is now in peace.

On April 30, at about 4 AM, a group of military personnel rose to the call of the self-proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó to perform a state coup and overthrow the current President Nicolás Maduro. The insurgents immediately freed another opposition leader, Leopoldo Lopez.

The Venezuelan government called all people who intend to defend the legal democratic government to come to the Miraflores Palace to defend the revolution.

From the early morning, hundreds of Venezuelans continue to arrive at the Miraflores Palace to support the Maduro government and protect democracy from the attempted coup by Juan Guaidó.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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