Ukraine bans all flights to Russia

04.04.2019, Kiev.

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers made a decision to prohibit irregular direct flights to Russia on April 3rd, Ukrainian News reports.

The ministers attributed this decision to the recent trip by Yuriy Boyko and Viktor Medvedchuk from the Opposition Platform – For Life party to Russia, who used this legal loophole in order to travel to Moscow. Previously this prohibition of flights to Russia did not apply to irregular flights.

This ban will not be applied only to the UN, OSCE and the Red Cross flights.

On March 22nd, Boyko, one of the Ukrainian presidential candidates, and Medvedchuk met with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow. The parties discussed economic interaction between the two countries, gas transit in particular. The formal reason of the meeting is termination of the Gas Transit Contract through Ukraine on December 31, 2019.

Medvedchuk said that Ukraine needs direct gas shipments from Russia, since gas going from Europe is too expensive. Boyko spoke about the importance of returning Ukrainian goods to the Russian market. Medvedev outlined Russia’s readiness to discuss these issues, but a corresponding readiness of the current Ukrainian authorities is required.

A criminal case was opened against Boyko and Medvedchuk, as they are accused of the illegal border crossing.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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