Byaly: US could have betrayed the Kurds to attract Turkey back towards NATO

21.12.2018, Moscow.

In withdrawing its armed forces from Syria, the United States could implement a number of scenarios. The most probable one is the desire to attract Turkey back to its side in its clash with Russia, Vice-President of the Experimental Creative Center International Public Foundation, Yury Byaly said in his interview to the Rossa Primavera News Agency on December 20.

Byaly pointed out that “withdrawal of the US military from the Eastern bank of the Euphrates River opens the door to Turkey’s operation against the Kurds on the same Eastern bank, which they have already announced.”

“One could think that the main idea of these events is either the Kurds being betrayed by the US, who had supported them up until now, and had been giving them hope for a state of Kurdistan, in order to attract Turkey back toward NATO’s side to combat Russia, or a double play by the US in which the Kurds will start receiving support from by the Arabs (with the US supporting them from behind the curtain) to punish Turkey for its pro-Russian actions in the political and economical spheres (“Turkish Stream” representing Russia’s and Turkey’s positions strengthening at the European gas market and killing the US’s chance to enter Southern Europe’s market to supply its liquefied natural gas,” the Vice-President of Experimental Creative Center said.

The expert does not exclude the chance that US military withdrawal can also be a part of a scenario with the US preparing for war with Iran.

 “One cannot exclude that the decision (if it is ever implemented) to withdraw US forces from Syria goes in line with preparations with such war. This is because the US special forces in Syria represent a close and convenient target for attack. The US will most probably not start fighting with Iran on the ground. If the US decides to open fire, it will try to destroy Iran with aviation and missiles, and most likely, using someone else’s hands, like Israel,” Byaly said.
“Either way, they will attempt to cut Iran off from Syria and the Mediterranean region by means of breaking eastern Syrian segment of the ‘Shia crescent’,” Byaly said.
On December 19, President of the United States wrote on his Twitter page that the US has defeated the Islamic State terrorist organization (organization banned in Russia), because of which the US armed forces stayed in the region. Afterwards, White House press secretary Sara Sanders said that the US military has started withdrawing its forces from Syrian territory.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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