Russian Embassy in the UK comments on British special operations in Ukraine

04.12.2018, London.

The BBC’s report on the alleged involvement of British special operations forces in Ukraine exposes “a new element of a large-scale UK military presence”, stated Russian MFA spokesman in London on December 2.

According to him, the Russian embassy had earlier been aware of UK military presence in Ukraine, where its experts trained military personnel to conduct special operations.

Now, it turns out that the UK presence has expanded through, as the BBC reports, conducting psychological and information operations in this country”, said the spokesman.

This information comes in the run-up to the presidential elections in Ukraine, noted the diplomat. In 2014, he added, the UK supported the Maidan in Kiev and the coup d’état in the country.

 “Now we are witnessing a special operation, the scale and consequences of which are yet to be assessed,” he added.

On December 2, BBC Russia News reported the British Army’s 77th Brigade personnel are present in Ukraine. According to the BBC, its 1,200 servicemen are mainly involved in carrying out military tasks on the Internet, as well as psychological and information operations.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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