Extremists from Germany seen at the Kiev nationalist march

17.10.2018, Berlin.

Germans from “The Third Way” right-wing extremist party participated in a march of several thousands nationalists, which took place in Kiev on October 14, the German n-tv channel reported on October 15.

Thousands of Ukrainian nationalists gathered to march together in Kiev on October 14th, the so-called Ukraine Defender’s Day. Along with yellow-blue Ukrainian flags, the marchers brought red and black flags belonging to the “Right Sector” Ukrainian Neo-Nazi organization (organization banned in Russia) as well as the green flags of the German “The Third Way” right-wing extremist party. Protesters used pyrotechnics and smoke pellets.

The far-right Ukrainians attempted to carry a ladder and hammers to the October 14th march in Kiev to destroy the Soviet monument to the defender of Ukraine. During the march, the nationalists engaged in a clash with the police.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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