OSCE countries glorify Nazis on the anniversary of the Munich Agreement

29.09.2018, Moscow.

Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation in the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich pointed at growing tendencies towards glorification of the Nazis and attempts to rewrite the results of the World War II (WWII) among OSCE countries on September 27, RIA Novosti reports.

 In the OSCE region, there are growing tendencies towards glorification of Nazism and its adherents, and increasing attempts of individual participating states to falsify history and rewrite the results of the WWII”, said Lukashevich.

September 30th, he recalled, is the 80th anniversary of the event, which went down in history as the Munich Agreement of 1938. On this day, the leading European powers of Great Britain and France, which “in harboring the illusory hope of avoiding the threat of Hitler’s aggression, signed the pact with Nazi Germany, which was the prelude to WWII.”

According to Lukashevich, honoring the Nazis is offensive to the memory of their victims; and in addition, it runs against the UN General Assembly resolution condemning the glorification of  Nazism. Nevertheless, the Nazi ideology is currently again on the rise in a number of OSCE participating states, particularly in Ukraine, Estonia and the USA, noted the diplomat. Ukraine and the United States are the only states that vote annually against the resolution.

Moscow expects the OSCE and its structures to intensify efforts aimed at an objective assessment of Nazi glorification, and to develop measures to prevent such manifestations, stressed the Permanent Representative.

The pact called the Munich Agreement was signed on September 30, 1938 by Britain, France, Germany and Italy. It implied the annexation to Nazi Germany of the border areas of Czechoslovakia inhabited by ethnic Germans.

This pact was an act of aggression by Nazi Germany with the support of fascist Italy. Representatives of Great Britain (Neville Chamberlain) and France (Édouard Daladier), with the support of the United States, tried to pursue a policy of “appeasement”.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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