"Library Boulevard" opens in Donetsk

14.09.2018, Donetsk.

“Library Boulevard” was opened in the city of Donetsk on September 13, Donetsk News Agency reported.

This new “Library Boulevard” site dedicated to culture and education was opened at Donetsk National Technical University. The site has state-of-the-art equipment: a plasma display panel and Wi-Fi. One could also find a bookcrossing shelf. According to Rector Konstantin Marenich, this site is “the answer to the challenges of the time when the conventional library and reading room no longer meet the needs of our students.” Discussion clubs, meetings and, of course, reading both in electronic and in paper form will take place here.

In recent years, libraries in Russia are closing or being commercialized in large numbers.

Bookcrossing is a public movement aimed at exchanging books. A bookcrossing shelf is a place where anyone can donate or take a book.

Editorial comment

It should be noted that the opening of the “Library Boulevard” takes place against the backdrop of the increasingly escalating confrontation between Ukraine and the DPR. The site’s establishment shows that despite all the obstacles and difficulties, the DPR is not only not broken to pieces, but is developing, including its culture and science.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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