US corrects its military doctrine based on Donbass experience

30.08.2018, Washington.

A reason why the US military is present in Ukraine is to learn lessons from the combat in Donbass and to timely introduce appropriate adjustments to the training of the US Armed Forces, the US Secretary of the Army Mark Esper said on August 30 at a media briefing, TASS reports.

In his speech, the official drew a parallel with the Israeli-Arab conflict of 1973, saying that the US military gained much experience from that war for its own training. According to Esper, the US army is present in Ukraine today for the same reason. “We learn these lessons, we see them… learn how to adapt their doctrine to counteract such means, as well as the organizational structure of our training.”

Foreign media have repeatedly reported the presence of large numbers of US military professionals in Ukraine, who train the Ukrainian army to prepare it for combat in Donbass.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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