Teodor Currentzis conquers London while forgetting about Perm

31.07.2018, Perm.

Teodor Currentzis, the artistic director of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater, performed in London’s Albert Hall together with his MusicAeterna Orchestra, “My City – Perm” news site reports on July 30.

The orchestra performed the Second and Fifth Symphonies of Ludwig van Beethoven striking the British audience.

“The concert took place as part of the BBC Proms classical music festival. Perhaps, Beethoven’s Second and Fifth Symphonies never sounded as radically different as it was performed by the musicians from the city of Perm. “Teodor Currentzis stalks on to the Albert Hall stage raises his arms, and … what do we hear? Beethoven. “, says Erica Jeal. How unexpected it is for a conductor with a reputation of a musical radical,” noted musical experts of Kultura VRN site (culturavrn.ru)”.

Popular conductor Teodor Currentzis became famous thanks to a large number of complementary publications in the media and his “culture rebel” image. The maestro is regularly invited to perform on best stages around the country and the world; however, he rarely appears in the city of Perm, his workplace.

Editorial comment

Indeed, the touring schedule of Maestro Currentzis is set for many months ahead. However, he rarely appears at his place of employment: in the last theatrical season, just a few times he conducted performances at the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater.

Such a situation increasingly causes a rejection of the city’s public, as well as the artists of the theater, whose voice is heard more and more through the wall of complimentary media reports which refuse to notice the deplorable operating state of the theater in recent years and, most importantly, its shrinking repertoire.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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