Unidentified attackers burn down Roma settlement in suburb of Lvov, Ukraine

11.05.2018, Lvov.

Unidentified attackers burnt down a Roma settlement in a suburb of Lvov, Izvestia reported on May 11.

The incident took place on May 9. The Roma lost all their belongings in the fire, and they had to leave the settlement. In turn, Verkhovnaya Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) Ombudsperson Lyudmila Denisova regarded the incident as xenophobic, and she addressed an inquiry to the National Police authorities of the Lvov region demanding a thorough investigation.

On April 22, 2018, members of a Ukrainian radical group burnt down a Roma settlement on Lysaya Gora in Kiev. They reported their action through social media. The day before, they demanded that the Roma must leave their place of residence themselves, but they refused.

It is noteworthy that the radicals have publicly announced that they plan to burn down another Roma settlement a week from now.

Editorial comment

It is widely known that after Hitler came to power in Germany, his forces started regular attacks on Jews, which quickly escalated into genocide. This terrible crime is described in many books and films; monuments and memorials to the victims of the Holocaust have been built.

Much less is known about the genocide of the Roma, which the German Nazis also unleashed, even though the “Roma Holocaust” was just as bloody and violent.

Thus, the members of, as they call themselves, nationalist groups, demonstrate by their actions that they are the successors to Hitler’s thugs in their inhuman policy towards the Jews and the Roma. Whatever “good intentions” the radicals offer to justify what they do, they are already committing crimes that have no statue of limitation. Again, everyone in the world can see that this is done by fierce and ruthless neo-Nazis, but not some “harmless nationalists”.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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