Expert: We must not lose the war for the future

07.05.2018, Moscow.

Today, a war for the future is beginning, which is similar to the war we waged in 1941-1945, and which we must not lose, a member of the Executive Committee of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy, Aleksandr Losev, said on May 7 on the air of the Vesti FM radio station.

“We have entered into a strange confrontation. Or rather it is being imposed on us. Some can call it a Cold War, some can call it a multi-vector war… A war for the future is beginning now, a war for the future of the world and civilization similar to the one that we were waging from 1941 to 1945. And we must not lose this war, because the winners will impose their principles and their rules on the others,” the expert said. According to Losev, the winners of the Cold War will manage the labor and financial resources, and they will not leave any chance to those who will “lose in development.”

According to the expert, those who will control the world will have to fight for the markets of the major fuels (oil, gas, coals) and to take care of their source regions, including Russia. “We are entering a period of great energy wars,” Losev concluded.

At a session of the UN Security Council in April, the General Secretary António Guterres said that a Cold War has again erupted on the planet, which is more dangerous than the previous one. “The Cold War is back with a vengeance, but with a difference. The mechanisms and the safeguards to manage the risks of escalation that existed in the past no longer seem to be present.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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