Kurginyan: “In the US we see total fiasco of the principle of respecting the law”

14.04.2018, Moscow.

Having abandoned the necessity to prove anyone’s guilt, the United States has chosen an unrighteous and unlawful way, Sergey Kurginyan, a political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement said on April 13 on the Time will Tell TV program on Channel One.

Kurginyan quoted a well-known movie Judgment at Nuremberg by Stanley Kramer. “It ‘came to that’ the first time you sentenced a man to death you knew to be innocent” Right now you know that it’s not true, and it all starts here. This is the way Stanley Kramer, the great US director, described as the way to fascism,” the political scientist stressed.

But the US’ reaction to what has happened in Syria is not only the way to fascism, but a way to contempt for the law, the political scientist thinks. “It means the full fiasco of one of those fundamental principles upon which the United States is based on: an absolute respect of law,” Kurginyan stated.

If now the West ignores Russia’s proof that chemical attack in the Syrian town of Douma was staged, then the West doesn’t give a damn about proof. “For many years I took part in the international counter-terrorism seminar, where Israel was often saying, ‘Why are you saying ‘Saudi Arabia’? Where are the money transfer orders? Where are the money transfer orders for the terrorists? We only trust the facts that are the transfer orders.’ Right now we can say, here is this ‘transfer order’ in this sense. This is what will make one believe.’ “Consequently, they have to say that  ‘we don’t give a damn about truth.’ But this is a huge informational defeat,” the leader of the Essence of Time movement summarized.

On April 13, Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov said that Russia possesses irresistible proof that chemical attack in the Syrian town of Douma was staged, and that the Western intelligence agencies took part in it.

The West used the incident with chemical weapons being used in the town of Douma at the end of the last week to blame Moscow and Damascus. White Helmets, the Syrian opposition group, has circulated the images on the Internet depicting the consequences of this chemical attack and people helping the victims. The US President Donald Trump promised to carry out a missile attack against Syrian facilities. Later, the US Defence Ministry published a list of Syrian facilities against which the attack will be carried out.


Today’s attack of the US and its allies against Syria proved that the West “doesn’t give a damn about proof”. Commenting on this attack, Sergey Kuginyan said that it is an attempt to establish a new regime of the global lawlessness.

In the political scientist’s opinion, the world is getting used to the new regime which is being established by the West, “There is no evidence, there are no facts, the decisions are being made in Twitter, anything could be an argument. And everyone is getting used to this, and they are eating this up again and again. And in this way, a new regime, which has nothing to do with the international law, is being de facto established upon coming to terms with it.”

On the night of April 14, the USA, France and the United Kingdom fired 103 cruise missiles with 32 of them hitting the targets on the territory of Syria. The accusations of the Syrian authorities of chemical weapons usage in the city of Douma were used as a pretext for carrying out the attack without the UN Security Council approval and in violation of the international legal acts. However, the evidence confirming these accusations were not provided.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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