Sergey Kurginyan: Ukraine hopes to solve the Donbass problem by force

09.04.2018, Moscow.

Ukraine is placing its wager on using force to solve the Donbass problem, political scientist and Essence of Time social movement leader Sergey Kurginyan stated on April 8 during the “Sunday evening with Vladimir Soloviev” program broadcast on the Russia-1 channel.

 “It’s a bet on violence; violence as a solution to problems is, of course, a very characteristic approach for the current Ukrainian government, for the contemporary Ukrainian elite,said Sergey Kurginyan. “The wager on violence is certain. Everything to do with Donbass… Everything to do with what is going on there… How are we going to solve the problem? With violence? How long will it take to solve this problem? Until every last terrorist, though the Minsk Protocol speaks in a different manner, is in prison. What are we going to do? Keep starting operation after an operation. Because there is no other recipe,” he added.

With regard to the new de-facto republics of the DPR and LPR, Sergey Kurginyan noted that the processes, which are unfolding in Donbass are a part of a global process.

 “In the meantime, the DPR is already four years old, massive rallies and celebrations are being held in commemoration of this 4-year anniversary… And every sane person understands that when something like what happened takes place, it doesn’t exist outside of a global tradition. Places like these [i.e. nations, states, communities – Rossa Primavera News Agency], where everything has fallen apart, be it because of religious, ethnic, or cultural disagreement, many such places exist. Because when this tragedy has already occurred, if you want to somehow solve it, be gentle, be more delicate, apologize where necessary, search for a dialog with the DPR and LPR! Well, not even a shadow of such an approach exists! Bandera lives: the spirit of Bandera is alive,” the leader of Essence of Time commented on the persistent Ukrainian attitude on using violence in relation to the DPR and LPR.

To settle and resolve the civil war in Ukraine, a complex of measures has been developed, which is known as the Minsk Protocol. According to the agreements made as part of the protocol’s framework, Ukraine has accepted the obligation to cease fire, move heavy military equipment away from the front lines, provide the DPR and LPR with a special status, and to give amnesty to the defenders of the DPR and LPR. Kiev, even up until now, has not in any way begun to comply with its obligations according to the Minsk Protocol, with shelling of the republics’ territories continuing to this very day.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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