Associate Professor of MGIMO: Transhumanism erases the notion of mankind and humanism

14.03.2018, Moscow.

On March 12, Olga Chetverikova, an Associate Professor of Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), addressed the Digitization of Mankind working group in an opening speech during the first round table meeting on digital security and food safety, Rossa Primavera News Agency correspondent reports.

“Today we pave the way to a series of meetings which can be called Science for the Good of Humankind”, said Chetverikova. “We will examine the ideological basis of transhumanism imposed on the society and the so-called digital economy”.

“In pre-revolutionary Russia, the society lived in accordance with the  Christian ideology. With the advent of the Bolsheviks, the society began to live according to the laws of communistic humanism. In the perestroika years, during which, the society rejected the communist way of life, liberal ideology was adopted. Today, the ideologists of the state, according to representatives of the “ruling” class, began to shift to a different worldview. Judging by the laws that are adopted in our country, this new worldview is transhumanism, which erases the notion of both mankind itself and humanity, “ added the Associate Professor of MGIMO.

According to Chetverikova, transhumanism carries a major threat to mankind. Ideology of transhumanism treats humans as biological material for a global experiment.

“In the ideology of transhumanism, a human is a certain intermediate link which evolves into a postmhuman, gradually losing control over its life,” said Chetverikova in her report.A statement was made during the meeting stressing that only the position of the propenents for the digital economy without an alternative point of view is presented in the Russian media.

Earlier, speaking of the future for mankind, German Gref, the Chairman of Russia’s Sberbank, said that soon people will be replaced with digitalized copies.

The ideology of transhumanism is being introduced into the society under the guise of an absolute good. Dmitry Itskov, the founder of the 2045 movement, explains his goals this way, “This project is the leading trend in achieving immortality. A person with an ideal “Avatar” could remain a member of society, because people do not want to die. “ The emphasis is precisely on the preservation of the “Avatar”, and not on the immortality of the human being.

Source: Rossa Primavera news agency

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