Netherlands, new mobile app: having sex becomes easier

19.01.2018, Amsterdam.

Mobile application registering official consent of both partners to have sex was developed by the LegalThings One team, Managing director of the Dutch LegalThings Company Martijn Broersma said to the Rossa Primavera News Agency on January 12.

Legal Fling application lets you apply to one or several people and receive their legal consent for having sex. In addition, each partner can indicate his or her “preferences” (which can be viewed any time) and what the person will or will not do during the intercourse.

Consent to the offer means automatic acceptance of legal terms of the agreement and in case of any breach of the agreement, for example, if a partner did not inform the other of having an STD (sexually transmitted disease), downloaded photo or video to the Internet or performed actions for which the other person did not give its consent (the web-site provides two examples, BDSM and “insulting scenes reconstruction from porn movies”), offers to use the app and record the violation, which will automatically make all the necessary documents to file the claim at the court.

The designers say that the efficiency of filing the claim depends on the country’s legislation, where the user lives. The same applies to the allowed minimum age, when the person can start using the app.

Broersma says that age limits will be the user’s responsibility, the same way as it happens on Facebook, because there is a difficulty with personal identification.

All activity in Legal Fling is saved and encrypted with the blockchain technology.

The top manager of the company clarified that the application uses Live Contracts protocol, which, according to the information on the official website, “empowers users to automate agreements and laws in finite state machines” and makes it possible not to apply to lawyers or rest on the mercy of governments and organizations.

Broersma explained that the application has already been finalized, but the company is not able to announce the exact release date as it is waiting for the “global approval” of its product. He said, their company believes that the world will approve it (the app, Rossa Primavera) for sure.

The website says that the app needs a final stamp of approval from Apple and Google before it is available for consumer use.
At the end of December 2017, Sweden passed the sexual consent law under which sex without expressed consent is deemed rape.
2017 saw a number of Western countries to be swallowed by a large number of scandals related to accusations of media people and other reputable people of harassment. Some accusations relate to over-ten-years-ago events.

Editorial comment

Western society’s declared primacy of freedom of choice and protection against discrimination takes more and more bizarre forms and leads to increasing distrust among people: between colleagues, students and teachers in schools and universities and even in families and between lovers.

The State and third parties are proposed to address all conflicts. This very principle forms the basis of juvenile justice, mediation in schools and addressing the issues of sexual harassment.

It is especially revealing that the authors of the mobile application offer the possibility to have a contract indefinitely in case of long-term relations, which is already very similar to the “Agreement on mutual prostitution” from the book New World Order. Thesaurus by Konstantin Krylov.

Despite the fact that these tendencies are not so strikingly active in Russia, they [these tendencies] have some small but socially active public support and their lobbyists. There are the feminist communities promoting the draft bills on counteraction to domestic violence and the National Strategy for Women for 2017-2022, signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on March 8, 2017. In addition, an information context on the topic of domestic violence in Russia has been constantly exaggerated on the Internet and at round tables and conferences of different levels, being overestimated by a factor of a hundred. At the same time, for example, a participant of Gender Issues Section at the Scientific Political Conference has already expressed regrets that, unlike the enlightened West, it is not yet possible in our country to accuse a person of rape only on the basis of the claim without any proof and tests being performed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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