Media: Homelessness is a crisis for UK

20.12.2017, UK.

Homeless people have become a nationwide problem for the United Kingdom, a report presented by a Public Accounts Committee of the UK Parliament reads, the Turkish Anadolu News Agency in Ankara reports on December 20.

The report states that there are 9,000 homeless people living in rough conditions, on the street, and 78,000 families are living in temporary shelters. Since 2011, the number of homeless people living on the streets has increased by 134%, and the number of those housed in temporary shelters – by 63%.

The report also stipulates that the UK government planned to solve the problem of the homeless by 2027. However, at the moment, the number of destitute people could rise by 76% per year.

London was indicated as England’s top homelessness hotspot of the United Kingdom. There, on average, one in 51 has no permanent housing.  There is also a large number of impoverished people in Brighton, Birmingham, Slough, Bristol, Reading, Luton, Manchester, Coventry, and Chelmsford.

Editorial comment

That is how the widely advertised Western prosperity begins to shrink. In order to understand why such frightening social processes are happening in the 21st century, it must be remembered that all of the Western social achievements is nothing more than a reaction to the implementation of the communist idea in the USSR. This resulted in the Soviet Union becoming the first state where an 8-hour working day was established. It was the USSR that introduced sick-leaves and social guarantees to workers. In addition, it is important to mention woman care, which included paid maternity leave to care for children and guaranteed places in nurseries and kindergartens.

These innovations had become a real political threat to the capitalist countries. In order to prevent revolutions in their countries, the governments made major compromises and concessions to the workers.

Today, after the collapse of the USSR, large financial expenditures to implement social programs make absolutely no sense for the political elite of the West. And, therefore, we are witnessing the rapid fall of living standards.

In conclusion, it is worth adding, that after the bloodshed and cruelty of the First World War and the Civil War the USSR  successfully abolished child homelessness already by 1935.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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