Minister: Only one third of Azerbaijanis receive post-secondary education

12.12.2017, Azerbaijan.

Only one third of the working-age population of Azerbaijan received a higher or specialized secondary education, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population of Azerbaijan Salim Muslimov said, the Turan Agency reported on December 12th.

In addition, half of Azerbaijani school graduates do not consider it necessary to receive professional skills.

According to the minister, the reason for unemployment in Azerbaijan is that the level of education provided in the country, as well as the experience and professional qualifications of the job seekers for existing jobs do not conform with the requirements and qualification standards, on the basis of which recruitment is being conducted.

According to the minister, the standards developed with the participation of international experts are such that the employers cannot find qualified professionals as they [the employers] care primarily about the competitiveness of their enterprises. The greatest shortage of qualified professionals is experienced in the IT industry, in risk management, business analytics, finance, marketing, advertisement.

The situation is exacerbating by the fact that specialists migrate to other countries with more advantageous working conditions than in Azerbaijan.

The unemployment rate in Azerbaijan, according to official statistics, is 5 percent. Many independent experts disagree with these figures and speak about 14-15 percent of the unemployed population. The majority of unemployed people in the country are 30 to 49 years-old, more than half of whom are women.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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